Found Video 2006

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I finally got into my old computer. I found tons of old pictures and videos, including this gem from 2006. Almost ten years ago! I believe, if memory serves me,  I had just watched Blue Velvet  and was feeling inspired from the Dance Scene.  It was in celebration of No Pants Day, an old holiday I am not sure is around anymore. I think it made it to the front page of the official No Pants Day website.

nopantsbigger from E B on Vimeo.

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I am down a little over 33 pounds since August. Extremely proud of myself. I don’t care about how my body looks, just how I feel. Well, I feel fantastic! 

The best part is, I have no problem with keeping the eating habits I have now. 

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Day 20: !! F#*@ ing Great Day.

It’s Day 20! I am 1/5th of the way there! A Guinness is in order!!!

2015-03-28 20.25.22

In the last 20 days I:

1. Jogged at least three times a week and have a lot more energy.

2. Got an official cheerleader who, by the way, said I write well. I think it may be a cheerleading tactic. Cheerleaders are like cheer ninjas, sneaking motivation in without you realizing it… the good ones at least.

3. Wrote a lot every day. Personally and publicly.

4. Ate very healthy.

5. Was mindful of my life and feel… here now. I am present more than I have been in many years.

6. Figured out a great budget for living well with good savings.

7. Fixed, resolved, worked on personal things.

8. Become a much happier person and have started to find myself again.

9. Have reconnected with my kids. We were good before. We are better now.

10. Read more.

11. Was a better teacher.

12. Lost weight that was weighing me down. That was a bonus. I really don’t care so much about that part.

13. Made new friends.

14. Learned a lot.

15. Struggled but overcame.

Today? Fucking great.

Yesterday I was worried about falling out of my routines. Being conscious of it helped. I ran this morning . Yes, on a Saturday morning. I went faster than any day yet. Not as far, but faster. Oh yeah.

I then went to task redoing the girls’ rooms. It took a little time and effort, but they helped me as best they could. Had to wash the floors really well, and prep it for painting. The floors are 100 years old. I finished the walls when I first moved in, but the floors needed some help. Finished with the first coat today and tomorrow will be a piece of cake. It took all day but looks amazing.

One fun part was sitting there painting while my oldest sat and watched me, asking me questions about life and the universe. It was… fun. Working, scrubbing, and painting, was fun. Seriously.

I am very, very tired now… Going to sleep like a baby tonight.

And that brings us to the end of Day 20. If this keeps up, day 21 will be even better.

I lived today. I loved today. I laughed today. Today was awesome. 


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My Brain Hijacks My Website

(My brain hijacked my post!)

Screenshot 2015-03-21 11.49.35Ahhhhh. Saturday. What time is it? Only 8 o’clock. I feel so rested and it is still early. I wonder what the  weather will be like today. Let me check the weather app. Hmm, sunny all day. A little cold, but could be nice to get outside. Yes. I need to get outside. But what about the painting? I thought you were going to paint the porch and spruce it up this weekend. And look, there is a small pile of clothes that need to be washed. Geez. Ok. Let’s  get some coffee and  check today’s news. Crap. I didn’t finish cleaning the kitchen last night. Those pizza pans need to be washed. Fuck. I also said I would go running today. Alright, first we need to get a coffee and make a list of stuff to do today. Coffee first. 

   Let’s see. Coffee tastes good. Mindfulness! I need to practice more. That’s right, I was going to look through some of the books I got to see if there are any special things I can do to practice mindfulness more throughout the day. Let’s check the iPad. Oh. It’s my turn on Wordfeud. Let’s see. Can I make a word with geo? Looks like Gate is all I can do for the most points. Where was I? Oh yeah, mindfulness. Shit, gotta pee. This bathroom needs to be cleaned too. I’m hungry. Going to go make a smoothie. A smoothie will help me  jump start the day. 

That’s a good smoothie. Alright, where was I? What am I doing? Right, a list…. 

STOP! Enough! Get off this! This crap thinking went on and on, and nothing happened. I was in a state of indecision, stress, anxiety and was doing nothing in the process!

I just stopped. I took some breaths. I sat still and quieted my brain. It took a long time. Interruptions from the kids didn’t help either. Having a free Saturday can actually be a burden for me.


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The Great


the guru and me

no snow!

It was another great annual ski day at work. I kept skiing and only stopped to recharge with a little food. The smell of the fresh air. The sun and wind in my face. So many smiling people. This was an easy time to live in the moment and enjoy life. I was there every minute. Just me and the hill. The rides up were with all different people I know. Some great conversations. Day 4 is looking damn good so far. 

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