Day #1

IMG_0994The first day was a good one. I got up at 5am after a nice 7.5 hours of sleep. I downloaded the app Couch to 5k (highly recommended for not overdoing it when getting back into running) and had a good song playlist to listen to. It was dark outside, but not too cold. The roads and the city were so quiet. I felt a sense of purpose this morning. Hope. I was actually air guitaring to certain songs when I took the walking breaks (at 5 am on a freakin’ Monday!) .  I can’t remember the last time my Monday was so different. The typical routine for me is to finish work and rush home as fast as I can. I normally want Mondays to just end.

At the third class I taught today we had a long discussion about the future and what it may mean for them. They listened so well, engaged in the conversation, and seemed a little inspired. I walked out feeling I listened well, was seeing them,  and also made them think.


  • Contacted a life coach. We’re going to take a grand look at where I am.
  • Got some simple exercise equipment. Light strength and core training stuff will be perfect for the mornings I don’t run.
  • The doctor was after that. We ended up chatting for almost an hour. Sorry to those who had appointments after me.
  • Practiced breathing. This is so easy and so effective. 
  • Ate so well. Fruits, vegetables, and a vegetarian dinner.
  • Caught myself worrying and thinking about “what’s next?”. Stopped it and forced myself to be where I was. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. It will get better.

IMG_0991The day’s highlight for me was having dinner with my daughters. They sat in the kitchen and, while I cooked, I listened and asked them so many questions. I was there. I was engaged. I heard my children today. It turned into a hilarious dinner conversation complete with tortilla masks. We laughed so much you would have thought it was a Friday. There have been too many days in the past that I was just in a hurry to shove food into my mouth and move on to something else.

This new website blog and writing are a perfect end to this first day. Meditation and some book reading tonight.

Reflection and purposeful living. 

I was here today. I remember this day. Today is worth remembering.


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