DAY 100! This is Just the Beginning.


It’s day 100. I feel no need to make a big deal out of it.

Thursday I ran 5.5 kilometers like a cheetah. Well, maybe not a cheetah, but faster than I have before. Later in the day I played in a soccer match between my daughter’s soccer team and the parents. All I thought, throughout the game, was ” I could never have done this last year.” It was fun too.   It really brought me back to my youth when I played soccer year round. It also reminded me of the time I played dodgeball against a bunch of ten year-olds and crushed them all. I think I have a picture of it somewhere, me standing there, ball in my hand, raised to the air in victory. KING!

Seriously. What have I accomplished in 100 Days? There is one simple answer. I made my life better, every damn day. I am better, inside and out, than I have been in years.

Now on to the next 100 days!


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