Day 90: Vivid Man, Vivid.



I am finally sitting in my bed, propped up by some pillows, and feeling very satisfied with my day. Outside, a rather annoying sounding bird has finally stopped his chirping. My early morning run wasn’t as difficult as it has been in the past. 5k came much “easier”.  Teaching and throwing the football with some students gave me no pain in my shoulder, something that was unbearable for me to do for the last three years. After dinner, when I needed some alone time, I put on my shoes and went for an hour walk. No music. I just listened to the birds, and  felt my legs and feet as they guided me down the tiny streets around where I live. I feel extremely satisfied and ready for a good rest.

I did not meditate this morning, because of time constraints, but plan on doing so before I go to sleep. I’ll tell ya, the meditation, before before bedtime, has led to some crazy, vivid dreams. I am one of those people who rarely, if ever, remembers his dreams, or if I even dreamt at all. Something is obviously changing in my brain. I feel more rested in the morning too.

Today marks 90 days in the 100 Days of Awesome Project. Just 10 days left, and 12 until I leave for vacation. The timing is perfect.

I am at peace this evening.

I lived today and it was awesome.


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